I just teared up…..

    I don’t think anyone really understands why I’ve been obsessed with the United States Women’s National team…

    It all started when I saw a gif of Alex Morgan… I thought she was beautiful, and started watching the games. And for a while, she was the reason I watched the games. But that’s not why now….

    I’ve never watched a full soccer game until the USWNT played Colombia this year in the Olympic match… 

    This team has changed me. This team has changed the person I am. They have changed how I believe in myself. These women have shown me that believing in yourself and in teamwork and working with others makes all the difference. I can honestly say that the USWNT has changed my life.

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  • USWNT !!!!!!!!!! GOLD MEDAL BABY !!!!!!!!

    We did it ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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  • Has anyone noticed the faster pace of this game?

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  • Who will face Japan in the gold medal match?

    "We have no idea."

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  • Leroux time.

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  • This game. I can’t watch it.

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  • PINOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Oh jesus

    I hate to be a negative nancy, but what if we beat Canada and went for gold and lost to Japan again?

    I would be so heart broken. Literally…

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  • Well, I have a date with baby horse tomorrow.

    I mean, USWNT is playing Canada… which means I’m going to be spending 90 minutes with Alex.

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  • I miss Alex Morgan.

    But this doesn’t make sense. I don’t even know her. This is bad. I think this is when you know you’re obsessed. 

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    • Me: I had a nightmare.
    • Friend: What was it about?
    • Me: I dreamt that Alex Morgan was married.

  • WE DID IT. 

    Friday, 9:30 Eastern Time baby ;)

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  • USWNT fan fics…

    It’s like I’ll start reading one of the fan fics… and then I’ll just stop, because its too good to not be true, and it direly upsets me that Alex Morgan is straight. 

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  • Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.

    USWNT vs. Korea. 

    I’m overly excited for this game. Absolutely can’t wait. Baby Horse needs a goal. 

    Colombia was a joke.

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